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What an incredible weekend! I hope you were able to catch the finish of the Ryder Cup when Ryan Moore won it for the Americans! What an amazing journey it’s been for the UNLV alumnus.

And guess who was there alongside him? Anthem Fitness' very own Brian Chandler. He kept Ryan feeling his best, and the results were impressive. Hopefully, Chandler will soon share his stories, of which there were many. He even spoke with one of the most legendary golfers of all time. 

While that amazing tournament was going on in Minneapolis, I was in Los Angeles with our head fitness coach, Max Jones. Our minds were getting stretched with cutting-edge information on how the greatest athletes in the world are being developed. We came back with a new test for our clients, the Functional Capacity Screen, so if you are looking to conquer a huge goal in your own athletic career, come see us—this will help direct your training.

When you do, you may see some new faces around Anthem Fitness.

We have a chiropractic Intern joining us from Portland, Oregon. His name is Kyle Buth, and he is very interested in the Functional Movement processes. He is also quite skilled in rehab and the best treatments out there. I am excited for him to get involved with our members and patients. I know he’ll be a huge advantage to our clinic!

We also have two interns who are seniors in UNLV's Kinesiology Department. Evelina and Marissa are learning the process of Test-Train-Retest. I am proud of the curriculum our crew has put together for them, and I know their professional trajectory will be so much more upward because of it. 

Finally, if you hear someone speaking with a British accent, it’s probably Kayleigh Franklin, who is joining us from San Diego. She works with Lance Gill of TPI fame, and she is helping us out with some golf training while she works with a high-end client in Vegas.

I hope to see YOU around here soon, and please let us know how we can help you achieve your goals!

Yours in health,

Dr. Josh Satterlee

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