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A Super Golf Stretch for Everyone with a Bad Back

As you may know, I LOVE golf. Absolutely love the game. My father was a golfer, playing at least three days a week, and my grandfather was actually a PGA Professional. I have some very fond memories of being a caddy for my dad. I wasn’t big enough to even carry his bag, yet I felt like I had the most important job in the world! Now, it’s incredibly rewarding to share the game of golf with my sons, Adam and Owen. I hope that Amanda, my wife, gets the golf bug soon, too. That way, taking the time away from family to play on a Sunday is “understandable.”

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a course from the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI is an absolute world-class organization of world-class folks. Its mission is to find out how to get more people to play golf and to play more often. It turns out that the most common injury in golf is also the most common injury among the general population: low back pain. What TPI was able to find out about the cause of low back pain in golfers can help everyone have less pain as well. They’ve also found some great stretches to reduce low back pain in golfers, and I’ve seen great success in everyone using these.

Today I want to share one “Top Secret Silver Bullet Super Stretch” that has changed many, many lives at our clinic. I discovered this stretch at a TPI seminar and have shared it with our golfers. Then we shared it with our back-pain patients, and they’ve raved about how good they feel. It’s the absolute single best stretch I’ve ever seen.

(Quick caveat: Remember, proper treatment only begins after proper diagnosis. Make sure that this stretch is good for you first.)

The stretch is called “The Brettzel,” named after Brett Jones, an amazing strength coach. It feels like you’re in a pretzel, and mix that with Brett’s name—well, you get the idea. Here’s a demo:

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Try this for about 30 sec each side, morning and night. It’s absolutely incredible.

By the way, we love working with golfers, especially golfers over 45 whose body is holding them back from playing more often or playing better. If you know of someone like that, please send them our way. Our customized, golf-specific program can help them feel better and play better than they ever have. We have so many successful clients who have done just that in the last year.

Yours in health,

Dr. Josh Satterlee
Chiropractic Physician

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