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  • Personal Training in Henderson - Anthem Fitness - Brian Chandler on the 18Strong Podcast

    Brian Chandler on the 18Strong Podcast

    Reposted from 18Strong.com with Jeff Pelizzaro Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Happy Holidays, everyone! Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Brian Chandler. Brian is a trainer at one of the most recognized golf fitness clinics in the US, Anthem Fitness. Anthem Fitness utilizes methods that help clients develop better velocity and control, which aim to ramp up your overall performance. Brian recently wrote an article for TPI about his work with Ryan Moore this past year, and how he came back from an injury cloud to go on and finish the 2016 season as one of the most dominant players on the PGA Tour.Brian breaks down what they ....

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  • Personal Training in Henderson - Anthem Fitness - Amazing Places and New Faces

    Amazing Places and New Faces

    What an incredible weekend! I hope you were able to catch the finish of the Ryder Cup when Ryan Moore won it for the Americans! What an amazing journey it’s been for the UNLV alumnus. And guess who was there alongside him? Anthem Fitness' very own Brian Chandler. He kept Ryan feeling his best, and the results were impressive. Hopefully, Chandler will soon share his stories, of which there were many. He even spoke with one of the most legendary golfers of all time. While that amazing tournament was going on in Minneapolis, I was in Los Angeles with our head fitness coach, Max Jones. Our minds were getting stretched with cutting-edge information on how the greatest ....

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  • Personal Training in Henderson - Anthem Fitness - TPC Summerlin Announce Fitness Partnership with Anthem Fitness

    TPC Summerlin Announce Fitness Partnership with Anthem Fitness

    Partnership will deliver innovative sport and general fitness focused classes with state-of-the-art technology as part of new multi-million dollar Lifestyle Center at TPC Summerlin Las Vegas, Nevada – March 15 th , 2016 –
    TPC Summerlin is proud to announce Anthem Fitness as the new fitness management team for the Lifestyle Center at TPC Summerlin. The partnership will provide TPC Summerlin members comprehensive general fitness and sport-focused classes. Anthem Fitness specializes in eliminating pain, improving functional movement, and enhancing athletic performance through cutting-edge methods of injury treatment and athletic training. The Anthem Fitness team is led by Dr. ....

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  • Charlie Weingroff is Coming to Vegas!

    Charlie Weingroff is partnering with Anthem Fitness for this Two Day event May 23 an 24, 2015. Dr. Weingroff is one of the most innovative minds in all of the performance world. Respected and sought-after as a leader in athlete care and performance, his approach is controversial, but his results are not. If you register by April 30, you will be granted access to the secret exclusive "Black-Box Q&A Session" the night before the seminar. This will be your time to chat with the man himself and ask your exact question. Sign up today as space is limited. www.vegascharlie.com ....

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  • A Super Golf Stretch for Everyone with a Bad Back

    As you may know, I LOVE golf. Absolutely love the game. My father was a golfer, playing at least three days a week, and my grandfather was actually a PGA Professional. I have some very fond memories of being a caddy for my dad. I wasn’t big enough to even carry his bag, yet I felt like I had the most important job in the world! Now, it’s incredibly rewarding to share the game of golf with my sons, Adam and Owen. I hope that Amanda, my wife, gets the golf bug soon, too. That way, taking the time away from family to play on a Sunday is “understandable.” A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a course from the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI is an absolute world-class organization ....

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  • How My Life-Changing Moment Can Change You Too

    This time of year is always full of potential life change, and I’ll be thinking about that a lot as I travel to Danville, Virginia, this weekend for an Instructors Summit at the Headquarters of Functional Movement. This trip represents a very special experience for me, as it cements the core belief I have developed as to why and how I treat my patients. Next to the birth of my sons and my marriage to Amanda, this belief is the thing that’s most changed my life. Allow me to explain. The common assumption that the site of your pain is the cause of your pain frustrates me to no end. It’s a mistake that has actually killed people. It’s sad, but so many folks are misdiagnosed or not ....

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  • The Magic of Sleep

    As I get busier and busier every year, I realize how much peace I garner from spending time with loved ones, especially during the holidays. It feeds my soul, and I hope your soul is fed this season, too. In honor of this peaceful downtime, I want to talk about a subject that affects your health far more than you know: sleep. Whenever you can get more of it, do it. Maybe that means sleeping in this week when all is calm. Or maybe that means setting a goal to make more time for sleep in 2015—especially if you have spent this past year struggling with emotional stress, weight fluctuations or just trying to feel “at ease.” If you are a workaholic (more than 60 hours per week) and/or trying ....

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