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  • Kristin Donadio, Anthem Fitness Testimonials

    Anthem fitness makes me feel like a true athlete. I feel like I am doing and lifting things that not your average person does. The one on one attention from anyone who is there has helped me with my form and any little issues I might be having. All the staff gives great attention to their clients, whether it's personal training or group training I always feel like I am getting the best from the best.

    Kristin Donadio
  • Marissa Mayer, Anthem Fitness Testimonials

    What's great and different about anthem fitness is the space in the gym and the personalized training you get even in a class setting! The classes are awesome; small enough to be personalized but large enough to have a cheering section by your side! Plus, the staff is so knowledgeable; not only in a training sense, but for recovery and rehab as well!! Anthem fitness has really become my functional fitness family!

    Marissa Mayer
  • Renee Durham, Anthem Fitness Testimonials

    Twelve weeks ago I was by myself every day after work probably taking a nap on my couch. I started as a way to, I thought, lose weight. And even though I can definitely feel the weight sliding off that’s not my story anymore. My story is that I just feel better about life. I’m excited to come here. I have two awesome trainers who took the time to get to know me and what I needed to feel better. It’s not about the weight anymore it’s about knowing that I can do this. I don’t take a nap every day I get up and go outside now and it’s changed my world.

    Renee Durham


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